"On Human Limits," group show at Present Co. Brooklyn, New York, May 18 - June 17, 2018.

Interview with Florian Meisenberg, forthcoming in the summer issue of BOMB, June - August, 2018.

"Acts of Recognition," a feature article on new figurative painting in the November-December issue of Frieze.

"Luxury and Kitsch,” an essay accompanying William Powhida’s “After the Contemporary” at the Aldrich Museum, published by The Stolbun Collection, January 2018.

Review of Judith Barry at Mary Boone in the September 2017 issue of Frieze.

Review of Sascha Braunig at Foxy Production out now in May 2017 issue of Frieze.

"Ars Jupiter Calling," a piece of humorous illustrated science fiction out now in the inaugural issue of UNBAG, May 2017. Click HERE for the online version.

"Fred Greenberg: Hell's Therapist," a piece of illustrated fiction in Issue 7 of Third Rail Quarterly. Click HERE for a PDF.